PMTPPrête-Moi Ta Plume
PMTPPest Management Transition Project (Washington State University)
PMTPPersonal Management (Department of Transport)
PMTPProcurement Management Technology Program
PMTPPost Mobilization Training Plan (US Army)
PMTPPrior Manton Tuke Powell (Clapham, London, England, UK)
PMTPProject Master Test Plan (testing)
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PMTP-SUPPORTED COURSES All clinically focused, didactic nursing courses in the first four semesters of the nursing curriculum were included in the PMTP.
Mentor-tutors were paid for the time spent during the orientation to the PMTP and for time spent mentoring and tutoring students.
Nonparticipants were divided into two cohorts: a control cohort of students who qualified for the PMTP program but decided not to participate and a class cohort consisting of students who did not meet risk criteria.
It is noteworthy that the overall attrition rate in the course decreased from 6 percent to 4 percent subsequent to implementation of the PMTP.
ATTRITION In the first year of the PMTP, attrition rates did not change significantly when compared to previous years.
Lessons Learned In addition to positive academic results, other findings emerged from the implementation of the PMTP.
Faculty noted a decrease in the need for one-to-one tutoring sessions, but some expressed concern that the PMTP might lead to later program attrition, "postponing the inevitable.
This office has since been eliminated, and the PMTP adviser now manages the evaluations.
The intent of the PMTP was very similar to the objectives of the ARL/ OMS PPP: to establish preservation management programs that were holistic in their administration with widespread acceptance within the archival institution.