PMTSPrincipal Member of Technical Staff (American Telephone and Telegraph, Inc.)
PMTSPublic Mobile Telephone System
PMTSPower Management Trouble Shooter
PMTSPrecision Machining Technology Show
PMTSPaul Mitchell the School (various locations)
PMTSPrimary Movements Teaching System (skiing)
PMTSPredetermined Motion Time System
PMTSPersonal Marksmanship Training System
PMTSPrivate Mobile Telephone Service
PMTSProcessor Module Test Set
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The idea was to select PMTs whose deficit was greater than 50 kVA and also selects those PMTs having surplus more than 50 kVA from the feature class of PMTs.
Uwe Reuter, M.D., from The Charité -- University Medicine Berlin, and colleagues conducted a 12-week study in which 246 patients with episodic migraine who had failed two to four prior PMTs were randomly allocated to receive erenumab or placebo.
The deposited energy is converted to scintillation photons which are then collected by the PMTs. As the positron displacement prior to the annihilation is negligible, the interaction vertex of the prompt signal can be assumed to be the antineutrino IBD interaction vertex.
PMTS refers to a set of psychological and physiological responses of children and their families to pain, injury, serious illness, medical procedures and invasive or frightening treatment experiences.
Its readout method employs very high-frequency electronic circuits, which permit sampling of the signals from the photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) in 8-nanosec periods.
The Permanent Mounted Transducer System (PMTS) developed by Intellifast GmbH to ensure consistency of bolt tightening is also seen as a solution for wind turbine bolting technology.
Methods Machine Tools Inc., Booth 1125 or PMTS Booth 645,
About 7,000 or 60% of the 11,000 photomultiplier tubes (PMTs) attached to the neutrino detector in the town of Kamioka in the central Japanese prefecture were found broken last Nov.
One PMT (case 3) stained only focally for MSA, but the other 2 PMTs stained intensely for this marker.
The BEAMHIT 190 Personal Marksmanship Training System (PMTS) is a self-calibrating, portable, computer- and camera-based system.