PMULPasteurella Multocida
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Materials from Espenhain SE located in the University of Leipzig: PMUL ES 1379 diversity plate remains partly much swollen, fragmentary or transformed by markasite diagenesis (Fe[S.
References/material: Scapula, according to Fischer (1981) and KARL (1989b, 2002): BAF FG: 232/1 (plate 8, figures 7-8); PMUL ES 1416a A03.
PMUL ES--Working number 1: four large carapace remains; 2: some carapace remains includes proximate pleural; 3: three carapace remains and a distal humerus part; 4: one neural; 5: shell remain.
References/material: Right proximate pleural IV remain from Espenhain SE: PMUL ES 1356/A.
References/ material: PMUL ES 1378 nuchal remain, PMUL ES without number ?