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PMVPredicted Mean Vote
PMVPersonal Mobility Vehicle (electric scooters)
PMVPanneaux à Messages Variables (French: Variable Message Signs; computerized road signs)
PMVPrivate Motor Vehicle
PMVProlonged Mechanical Ventilation
PMVPublic Motor Vehicle (transportation)
PMVPassy-Muir Valve (tracheostomy speaking valve)
PMVPresent Market Value
PMVPassenger Motor Vehicle (Australian government)
PMVPlant Machinery and Vehicles (construction)
PMVPulse Motor Valve (air conditioning)
PMVPorlamar, Venezuela - Gral Santiago Marino (Airport Code)
PMVPea Mosaic Virus
PMVPredicted Motion Vector
PMVParcels & Miscellaneous Van (UK railways)
PMVPulmonary Microvascular Pressure
PMVParliamentary Medal of Valor (Honor Harrington science fiction novels)
PMVMitral Valve Prolapse, Familial
PMVPrivate Market Valuation
PMVProduction Master Valve
PMVPreventative Maintenance Visit
PMVPre Move Visit
PMVPierson's Milk Vetch (plant species)
PMVPressure Monitoring Valve
PMVPressure Modulation Valve
PMVParalyzed and Mechanically Ventilated
PMVPure Multi-Visit
PMVParcels and Miscellaneous Van (British Southern Railway)
PMVProject MultiVitamin (band)
PMVPrecision Measurement Vehicle
PMVPony Music Video
PMVProteomics and Metabolomics Victoria (Victoria, Australia)
PMVPrice Mix Volume
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The PMV has been further translated into Regional Agricultural Plans (PARs) which identify priority value-chains on the basis of agro-ecological conditions and development potential.
Organised by dmg events Middle East, Asia & Africa, the event is the re-launch of the former Middle East Concrete and PMV Live shows, part of The Big 5 portfolio of events.
From both the individual discussions that PMV has had with leading figures in the industry to the profiles in the Power List, it the clear that original equipment manufacturers and OEM suppliers are paying more attention than ever before to the means of ensuring support for their product in the market.
PMV Maritime Holdings Ltd submitted its tender on 27 November 2015.
PMV Pharma says that its unique mechanism of action promises to restore p53 to its normal function, eliminating this escape route and selectively killing the mutant cancer cells without affecting normal tissues.
For the same 15 minutes intervals readings were taken from the sensor and PMV was recorded.
Con este proposito se empieza abordando los conceptos basicos que involucra la norma ISO 7730 en lo referente a temperatura de neutralidad o confort en conjunto con las otras normas anteriormente citadas (ISO 7726, ISO 8996 e ISO 9920) y el uso de la matematica aplicada para establecer los niveles de correlacion estadistica e inferencia entre variables; conceptos sobre los cuales se propondra una metodologia para calcular la temperatura de neutralidad (zona de confort termico) a partir de los indicadores PMV y PPD.
Liebherr Concrete Technology, one of the world's largest manufacturers of construction machinery, was at MEC and PMV Live 2016 in place of their distributor for the first time, in order to talk directly to their customers in the Middle East.
To address these issues, Fujitsu is launching sales of ATMS PMV, the successor to its previous patent-management package, ATMS PM2000.
The PMV model includes four environmental variables such as air temperature, relative humidity, air velocity, and average radiation temperature and two human factors such as thermal load on the body.
The regulator found that these measures amounted to over 40 million euros in financial support by LRM and PMV.
PMV is a blank check company formed for the purpose of entering into a merger, share exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, recapitalization, reorganization or other similar business combination with one or more businesses or entities.