PMVEPerfluoromethylvinyl Ether
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% [FORMULA NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] TFE PMVE (Tetrafluoro-ethylene) (Perfluoromethyl-vinylether) [CF.sub.2] = [CF.sub.2] [FORMULA NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] PPVE or PFMD (Perfluoromethoxydioxide) [FORMULA NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] TFE PDD (Tetrafluoro-ethylene) (Perfluoro-2,2-dimethyl-1,3- [CF.sub.2] = [CF.sub.2] dioxole) >10 mol% TFE PPVE or PFMD (Tetrafluoro-ethylene) [less than or equal to] 1 mol% [CF.sub.2] = [CF.sub.2] ETFE PPVE, PFBE (Ethylene-tetrafluoro-ethylene) (Perfluorobutylether [CF.sub.3]-[([CF.sub.2]).
Specialty grades of fluoroelastomer, like FKM-GLT and FKM-GFLT, contain PMVE monomer that improves dynamic low temperature performance as measured by TR-10.
VF - vinylidene flouride; HFP - hexafluoropropylene; TFE - tetrafluoroethylene; PMVE - perfluoromethylvinylether; CS - proprietary cure site monomer