PMVSPortfolio Market Value Sensitivity (investing)
PMVSPerfectly Matched Veselago Slab
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Of course, pedagogues cannot prescribe any line of treatment to their students for health or vocal reasons; however, if a student is struggling without much success with the symptoms of PMVS, a suggestion to visit with her doctor about the possibility of hormone management may be appropriate, given the relief in symptoms by use of the birth control pill of some women in the studies cited.
38) This may be perceived as partial comfort to those singers for whom PMVS is a very poignant struggle.
Therefore, voice-abusing singers may be more susceptible to experiencing the symptoms of PMVS than vocally healthy singers.
For the singer who does not wish to begin using hormone regulating drugs, there may be other options for dealing with PMVS.
Since the main presentation of PMVS in the larynx itself is swollen vocal folds, singers should avoid any behaviors that would induce further swelling.
For sufferers of PMS and PMVS who experience an increased state of anxiety or depression, these two factors will inevitably affect how they perceive their own singing.
Helping the student build solid technique, encouraging good vocal health and personal habits, and having patience with the difficulties related to PMVS will all go a long way toward assuring the student that she has control over much of her situation.