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PMWSPostweaning Multisystemic Wasting Syndrome (Piglet Disease)
PMWSProgram Manager's Workstation
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Faculty and employee input is being encouraged for every step in the way of planning the new PMWS facility to help design a building conducive to the most effective delivery of health care and to create the most ideal working environment.
The aim is to establish the prevalence of PMWS with greater accuracy and collect information about the risk factors which play a part in the disease.
They were commissioned by the PMWS Working Group and produced in conjunction with leading pig specialist Mike Muirhead.
The report also highlighted that post-weaning mortality remains relatively high in Britain, although it fell significantly between 2004 and 2005 as a result of the declining incidence of PMWS.
PRACTICAL ways of tackling PMWS, a pig wasting disease threatening the national herd, are the target of pilot study groups being set up in the east of England.
Swine fever, the BSE scare on the continent, breeding herd contraction in this country due to financial pressure on farmers, and the continuing difficulties caused by the wasting diseases PMWS and PDNS have added to the muddle in procurement, processing and distribution.
Performance has also suffered since 2000, due largely to PMWS.