PMWSPostweaning Multisystemic Wasting Syndrome (Piglet Disease)
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PRRSV is a well-known infectious trigger of clinical PMWS and vice versa [28-32] and we have previously shown that PRRSV can be transmitted by air [33].
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El PMWS fue descrito por primera vez en Canada por Harding en 1991 (2) y luego fue identificado en diferentes paises (11, 14-19).
El manejo y control de la enfermedad se ha enfocado hacia la implementacion de practicas zootecnicas que disminuyan o eviten los factores desencadenantes de las manifestaciones clinicas del PMWS: implementacion de medidas de bioseguridad especificas y estrictas, desarrollo de protocolos de higiene y desinfeccion de las instalaciones, evaluacion del flujo de animales, manejo del microambiente y control de las coinfecciones mas relevantes (14, 21).
Aunque el Circovirus porcino tipo 2 se reconoce mundialmente como un virus relacionado con el desarrollo del PMWS (1, 2, 4, 11, 13, 25, 26), existen estudios que aun plantean la posibilidad de la presencia de un nuevo patogeno aun no identificado, dadas las caracteristicas epizooticas de la enfermedad (12).
In what follows she will be referred to as the PMW when her status as an artifact needs special salience, in contradistinction to actual midlife women with adult children.(4)
At various turns in the argument, I will try to show the negative impact on the PMW of various other age-related factors: the fall in the birthrate and the age at which childrearing "ends"; the cult of youth (growing much more intense during the first thirty years of the century) - first the feminist idealization of the advanced young woman of the era,(5) and later the prestige of adolescent self-liberation and young adult judgment; the male contrasts, provided by paternal importance at midlife and the new male model of retirement, on top of the anxiety of midlife men about their own superannuation and excess mortality.
After about 1911-13, almost no one - including the feminists of the early twentieth century - understood the PMW in this positive way.
This had been identified as a priority by the PMWS Working Group, set up following an MLC-organised conference at Stoneleigh on PMWS.
With the help of the National Pig Association, nine study groups are being set up Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex and their results will be fed into the PMWS Working Group.
BPex strategy co-ordinator Andrew Knowles said, "There are a number of important research projects under way on PMWS but these will take time to deliver results.