PMZPalmar, Costa Rica (Airport code)
PMZPrimo Macro Zoom (Panavision, Inc.)
PMZProject Mainportcorridor Zuid (Dutch: Project Mainport Corridor South; traffic flow)
PMZPartially Melted Zone (chemistry)
PMZPesticide Management Zone (Department of Pesticide Regulation; California)
PMZProductgerichte Milieu Zorg (Dutch: Product-Oriented Environmental Care)
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The zone of higher temperature near to weld pool, called partially melted zone (PMZ), is approached by solubilisation maintaining that the cooling rate is high.
PMZ represented an insurance company in the sale and the note was purchased by a local investor who owns several other properties in the area.
Houck, "PMZ.5 Chemical Source Profiles for Vehicle Exhaust, Vegetative Burning, Geological Material, and Coal Burning in Northwestern Colorado During 1995," Chemosphere 43, 1141-1151 (2001).
BEHIND BARS: Pauline Quirke stars as big Olive Martin, whose claims that she murdered her mother and sister are questioned in The Sculptress, UK Drama, 10.45 pmz
Iain Neil for the concept and optical design and Al Saiki for the mechanical design of the Panavision Primo Macro Zoom Lens (PMZ).
Kodak's Royal Gold 1000, and Pro 1000 PMZ are also superb for this type of photography, though both are considerably grainier than Super G+ 800.
The infrastructure necessary for division of the distribution network (DMA - PMZ).
The graph also shows the weld regions of unmixed zone (UZ) and partially melted zone (PMZ), the HAZ and the base material (BM).
PMZ Realty Capital's Hotel Finance Group secured a buyer for an $8 million note secured by the 128-key Holiday Inn Express located in Shelton CT.
Maintenance of detecting faults of the rolling stock type SERVO 9000, ASDEK GM70 / C, ASDEK GM70 / S, ASDEK GM90 / V ASDEK GM90 / S, ASDEK CyberScan 2000 ASDEK / GM / GH / Phoenix, ASDEK / PMZ / GM / GH / PHOENIX, ASDEK / PM / GM / GH / OK / Phoenix / Gotcha in the years 2014-2017.
That's mainly why PMZ Realty Capital managing partner Michael Sonnabend still has his phone tinging in a post-Lehman Brothers market.