PMZPalmar, Costa Rica (Airport code)
PMZProject Mainportcorridor Zuid (Dutch: Project Mainport Corridor South; traffic flow)
PMZPartially Melted Zone (chemistry)
PMZPesticide Management Zone (Department of Pesticide Regulation; California)
PMZProductgerichte Milieu Zorg (Dutch: Product-Oriented Environmental Care)
PMZPrimo Macro Zoom (Panavision, Inc.)
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b types: ASDEK / GM / GH / Phoenix, ASDEK / PMZ / GM / GH / PHOENIX, ASDEK / PM / GM / GH / OK / Phoenix / Gotcha which are due to be carried out according to the scope and the laps of time stipulated in the manufacturer~s technical manual :
The PMZ shows epitaxial growth, which indicates that new grains had nucleated on the heterogeneous sites at the WI.
PMZ represented an insurance company in the sale and the note was purchased by a local investor who owns several other properties in the area.
At PMZ, he's worked on a diverse resume of deals including hotel refinancing, capitalization of shopping centers, multifamily financing and, most recently, loan sales--deals the firm hasn't needed to touch in prior years.
There is a lot of equity capital on the sidelines looking to be placed in quality transactions like this," said Peter Berk, president of the PMZ Hotel Finance Group.
Table 1: Drilling progress summary Area Drillholes (1) Metres To December Palito Main Zone Resource 74 9,892 31 2004 (2) Chico do Santo 7 993 Palito West 5 560 Other 8 1,679 SUB TOTAL 94 13,124 From January PMZ - Infill (Central 27 4,239 to August Zone) 2005 PMZ - Strike Extensions 12 1,896 PMZ - Depth Extensions 19 3,028 Compressor Lode 4 982 Sterilisation 4 552 SUB TOTAL 66 10,697 From PMZ - Infill (Central 18 1,728 September to Zone) December 2005 PMZ - Infill (North Zone) 15 1,038 PMZ - Strike Extensions 3 527 PMZ - Depth Extensions 7 1,652 Compressor Lode 21 1,904 Palito West 4 172 Bill's Pipe 4 517 SUB TOTAL 72 7,538 GRAND TOTAL 232 31,359 (1) Average dip is between 45 degrees and 50 degrees
Hajek will oversee and coordinate key partnerships and joint ventures, including Iskra- Energetika, Perm PMZ, Perm Aviavigatel, Chemical Automatics Design Bureau and Perm Proton PM.