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PNAPalestinian National Authority
PNAPhoneline Networking Alliance
PNAPeptide Nucleic Acid
PNAPersonal Navigation Assistant
PNAPituitary Network Association
PNAPacific/North American
PNAPolish National Alliance (established 1880 in Chicago, Illinois)
PNAPrefectura Naval Argentina (Argentina Coast Guard)
PNAPersonal Needs Allowance
PNAPrevention Needs Assessment
PNAPolynuclear Aromatics
PNAProfessional National Accountant
PNAParque Natural da Arrábida (Portugal)
PNAPennsylvania Nurses Association
PNAPerformance Network Analyzer (Agilent Technologies, Inc.)
PNAPamplona, Spain - Pamplona - Noain (Airport Code)
PNAPrinciples of Naval Architecture (Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers reference)
PNAProgressive Neuronal Abiotrophy (nerve disorder in dogs)
PNAPhilippine Nurses Association Inc.
PNAPartial Nail Avulsion (ingrown toenail treatment)
PNAPlan National d'Allocation (French: National Allocation Plan; Kyoto Protocol)
PNAPacto de No Agresión (Spanish)
PNAPassed but Not Advanced
PNAPages Needing Attention (Wikipedia)
PNAPeptide Nucleic Acid Oligomer (biochemistry)
PNAParaffins, Naphthenes, and Aromatics
PNAPlanul National de Actiune (Romania)
PNAPensamiento Numérico y Algebráico (Spanish)
PNAPrivate Non-Custodial Agency (children's services)
PNAPhase Noise Analysis
PNAPlanned Not Authorized
PNAPrincipal Naval Architect
PNAPhone Number Administration
PNAParchetul Naþional Anticorupþie (Romania)
PNAPartial Net Area (United States Coast Guard)
PNAPost Nasal Aspirate
PNAPublic News Article
PNAPersistent Nerve Agent
PNAPrinciple of Non-Aggression
PNAPre-Negotiation Agreement (contract)
PNAParties to the Nauru Agreement (fishing industry; various nations)
PNAPsychiatric Nursing Association of Ireland (UK)
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On the basis of the elemental analysis results, a conclusion might be drawn that the PNA is a mixture of [C.
In addition, some Palestinians now contest the decision taken by the leaders of the PNA to participate in the process.
Panagene is a worldwide custom PNA (peptide nucleic acid) oligomer provider, and has focused on developing various molecular diagnostic products based on PNA oligomers.
Ibrahim Khraishi, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, around 40 participants from PNA ministries, the European Commission and EU Member States convened to exchange their views on political and economic reform and development, energy, trade, environment and social issues as detailed in the current ENP Joint Action Plan.
It quoted Moreno-Acampo as saying: "We appreciate the efforts undertaken by the PNA and the extensive legal arguments presented on a highly complex area of law.
aureus/CNS PNA FISH[TM] assay is available on the market in kit format and enables the microbiology laboratory to provide rapid presumptive identification of S.
In recent years, PNA technology has focused on the improvement of PNA as a diagnostic tool in chromosomal analysis and microbiology for the identification and characterization of prokaryotes (9-13) and in virology for the detection of Epstein-Barr-encoded RNAs (14).
The DNA and PNA are fed into a test kit together along with the photonics light technology, which uses luminescence.
One way of avoiding protracted and expensive legal battles when love turns sour is the pre-nuptial agreement, or PNA.
Maximum correlations between the PNA index (PNAI) and station precipitation reach r = -0.
Such PNA probe based methods are particularly useful for any type of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) analysis.
Nielsen of the University of Copenhagen suggested that PNA might have preceded its less stable relative, RNA, as life evolved.