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In stage two, the tweets from the same master dataset with city and state names in the 'Pname' column were geocoded using the Address Locator in ArcGIS 10.0 (ESRI 2012).
Next, suppose that a VPA expressing information about publishers is given as [S.sub.2] in Figure 6, where pub, pname, and addr imply "publisher," "publisher name," and "address," respectively.
<message name="inputParameter"> <part name="pname" type="xs:string"/> </message> <message name="outputParameter"> <part name="paddress" type="xs:string"/> </message> ...
In Figure 12 there is an ER schema corresponding to the XML schema considered in previous sections (see [S.sub.1] in Figure 1) with two additional attributes sname (supplier name) and pname (part name), delivPlace is treated as an entity with the key attribute did.
He further explained his paraphrase of the prayer: Galewa-i hi-paipaihowa-i dova wan ekalesia heaven+loc 3p+doing+3s so because congregation sowala ta-paihowa-i pname
5-letter words with Alphabetic Halves N-Z:A-M NORMA (square or pname) NOTED OPTED OPTIC OSTIA (Pull) PRYME QUYKE (vf) RUVID STUKA (vb or German plane) STYLE STYLI SUZIE (pname) TUZLA (Bosnia) TWYLE (vf) WYZLE (vf)
/* local procedures */ procedure pname(...){ code for pname } ...
CNAME = John CNF 100 C_NO=21CNF100 WHOLESALER = Yes CNF 100 Prod_Name = prod1 CNF 100 record_num = 1 CNF 100 PNAME = prod1 CNF 100 0N_HAND = 110 CNF 100 DISC_QTY = 20 CNF 100
Proactive execution algorithm ProactiveExecution() Events [left arrow] prcocess events previously occurred in other devices Process [left arrow] processes running in the current device Programs [left arrow] absolute paths, process names, and names of executable files for all installed programs In the current device CompatiblePrograms [left arrow] absolute paths, process names, and names of executable files for all Installed compatible programs in the current device for each process p In Process do find an event e In Event where eProcessName = p.Name find a program pg In Programs where pName = pg.processName if found then executeProcess(pg.
For each generalization with Gname as the generalized geo-object class and PNAME as the specialized class:
Labels I use are Ch (Chambers), CGNA (Columbia Gazetteer of North America), DF (Darryl Francis), OED (Oxford English Dictionary), OSPD (Official Scrabble Players Dictionary), ST (Susan Thorpe), TEA (The Electronic Alveary), TIG (Times Index-Gazetteer), and Web2 (Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, Second Edition) A personal name is labeled pname, and a quotation is labeled q.