PNBAPacific Northwest Booksellers Association (Eugene, OR)
PNBAProfessional Negligence Bar Association (London, England, UK)
PNBAPoly N-Butyl Acrylate
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For more information about the PNBAs and to read original essays from individual winners (which will be featured over the next several weeks), go to nwbooklovers.
With an area of 12,000km2, the PNBA covers 180km of the coast, which is approx.
Yet, PNBA not only provides shelter to numerous fish, bird, reptilian, insect and mammal species, it is also home to the Imraguen.
The PNBA nowadays faces numerous threats and the stakes are high to preserve this unique ecosystem.
In cooperation with the Mauritanian Coast Guard (GCM), and help from the international partners, PNBA has set in place a sophisticated observation scheme supported by electronic radar systems (GSM) to detect illicit fishing activities.
Developing and managing a sustainable eco-tourism that brings benefits to both PNBA and the Imraguen and minimises disturbances to the ecosystem is a major entreprise.
The probably most serious threats to PNBA come from growing marine traffic as well as mining and other industrial activities just along the outside of the park's borders.
The PNBA Book Awards - chosen by a committee of independent booksellers from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Alaska - celebrate exceptional books by Northwest authors.
It's also ``very encouraging'' to recall that previous PNBA winners have included the likes of Ursula Le Guin and Chuck Palahniuk, he said.
The PNBA includes independent booksellers from Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska.
The PNBA is a nonprofit organization of independent booksellers.