PNCBPediatric Nursing Certification Board
PNCBPara-Nitro Chloro Benzene
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In 2008, PNCB developed this exam with the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN[R]).
In the summer of 2008, PNCB nurse researchers and volunteer pediatric nursing experts developed a survey to determine nurses' perceptions of certification on job satisfaction and other factors.
Editor's Note: Pediatric Nursing applauds the work of the PNCB Invitational Forum and look forward to the vision implemented in efforts to assure that all children are cared for by a competent and expert pediatric nursing workforce.
Oncology Review for the Pediatric Nurse (Track IV) 4:00 pm Adjourn MONDAY 7:00 am--8:00 am July 16, 2007 PNCB Certification Review Exam Registration 8:00 am--12:00 pm PNCB Certification Exam Pediatric Nursing Conference Tracks Track I: Physical Assessment and Laboratory Interpretation Track II: Evidence-Based Practice and Research Track III: Leadership at the Point of Care Track IV: Clinical Potpourri
In addition, the session will review the specific required elements and integrated concepts listed on the CPN[TM] Exam content outline published by PNCB.
In order to explore circumstances related to maintenance of certification, the PNCB developed a survey to explore reasons why some nurses consistently maintained their certification while others allowed their certification to lapse.
Data were collected using two surveys respectively mailed to nurses who had maintained (n = 275) and not maintained (n = 317) CPN[TM] generalist pediatric nursing certification through the PNCB.
Through its national PNP Program Review process the PNCB has supported and reviewed educational programs for compliance with quality guidelines for PNP education established by the Association of Faculty of PNP Programs (AFPNP) in their Position Statement, Philosophy, and Conceptual Model for the Education of PNP's (AFPNP, 1996).
Permission was granted by the PNCB providing access to PNP curricula collected from the 84 PNP programs participating in the PNCB's PNP program review process.
Information about 18 programs came from the self-report survey, while information from the remaining 60 programs was obtained by a direct review of program materials submitted to the PNCB.