PNCTPort Newark Container Terminal (New Jersey)
PNCTPoint Nepean Community Trust (Australia)
PNCTPacific Naval Construction Troop (Canada)
PNCTParoxysmal Narrow Complex Tachycardia (cardiology)
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Composed of several government agencies, CONICQ is the main intersectoral coordination body of the PNCT. Intersectoriality has been advocated in the formulation of health policies, given the multifaceted character of the health-disease process (8).
Officials at PNCT are in the process of expanding and restructuring this strategic port, doubling the number of containers moving through the Terminal, creating more warehousing opportunities and commerce throughout New Jersey.
The United States supports the efforts of the National Plan for Territorial Consolidation (PNCT) to move communities out of coca-based economies by dramatically expanding the presence of the state.
Finalmente, e importante frisar que as estrategias do PNCT tiveram resultados positivos em nivel local, onde foi possivel verificar altas proporcoes de cura e tendencia de reducao na incidencia em tempos recentes.
Jim Pelliccio, President Port Newark Container Terminal (PNCT) * 973-522-2248 *