PNCVPeripheral Nerve Conduction Velocity
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It was highest in the PEP area (14.2 individuals of specialist species for each individual of the generalist species) and was lowest in PNCV, with 1 or fewer individuals of specialist species (0.86) per 1 individual of generalist species.
The areas with the least faunal similarity were PEP and PNCV (Bray-Curtis = 0.13).
In the present study, with the exception of PNCV, the abundance of specialist species represented most of the total abundance of species in all study areas.
Locations of the 5 study areas, as follows: A) a map of Brazil, with the coverage area of the Cerrado Biome shaded; B) a map of Goias State, showing the locations of Parque Estadual dos Pireneus (PEP) and Parque Nacional Chapada dos Veadeiros (PNCV); and C) a map of Distrito Federal (DF), showing the locations of Fazenda Agua Limpa (FAL), Parque Nacional de Brasilia (PNB), and Jardim Botanico de Brasilia (JBB).