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PNDPost-Natal Depression
PNDPersonal Navigation Device
PNDPortable Navigation Device
PNDPhilanthropy News Digest
PNDPostnatal Day
PNDPost Nasal Drip
PNDParoxysmal Nocturnal Dyspnea
PNDPartido da Nova Democracia (Portuguese political party)
PNDParti National-Démocrate (French: National Democratic Party, Morocco)
PNDPlano Nacional de Desenvolvimento (Portuguese: National Development Plan; Brazil)
PNDDemocratic National Party (Djibouti)
PNDPunk's Not Dead (band)
PNDPlanului National de Dezvoltare (Romania)
PNDPre-Natal Diagnosis
PNDPrincipal Neutralizing Domain (molecular biology)
PNDPresent Next Digit
PnDPlug and Display (VESA)
PNDProject Network Diagram (project management)
PNDPartai Nasional Demokrat (Indonesia)
PNDPrimary Navigation Display (aviation)
PNDParty Not Designated (politics)
PNDPosition Navigation Device
PNDPainful Neuropathic Disorder
PNDPersonnel Neutron Dosimetry/Dosimeter
PNDPrice Non-Disclosure
PNDpubertal nondiabetic
PNDPolish National Department
PNDPseudo-Norm Detector
PNDPlants National Database (USDA)
PNDPlanul National de Dezvoltare (Romanian: National Development Plan)
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Emma was surprised when she began to suffer PND because she'd never had any bouts of depression before she became pregnant.
But she felt there was a need to continue to help other mums and not just those with PND, by being brutally honest about the joy and pain of motherhood.
The most common symptoms of PND are: Feeling sad or low |most of the time A loss of interest in |things you used to enjoy A persistent lack of |energ y Other symptoms include: Difficulty sleeping | Poor appetite or over |eating Difficulty concen-|trating Low self-confidence | Feeling guilty | Thoughts about |self-harm or suicide If you think you or someone you know may be suffering from PND, there is lots of help and support available.
With current emphasis on best practice and re-alignment of service provision (DH, 2011), this degree of success should endorse prioritising PND work but the educational and psychological aspects in the training may provide serious leverage from the use of antidepressants, to include a psychological outlook for health visitors (Morrell et al, 2009).
Speaking to Gulf News, she said: "When I found out that I had borderline PND two years ago, I was in denial.
They found that the women who developed PND were more likely to have a DNA sequence variation in two receptor genes (the glucocorticoid receptor and the corticotrophin-releasing hormone receptor-1).
Sometimes it's the mums who've been high achievers before who are affected quite badly," says Julie Rawlinson, PND project manager for PSS.
Other researchers have used PND to evaluate other topics related to skill acquisition and programming for individuals diagnosed with autism.
The PND will be developed as part of the IMPACT Programme, which was
With these widgets, users will embark their preferred Internet services in their car or onto their PND, using an interface adapted to the ergonomics of embedded screens: weather forecast, news (complete RSS reader), emails, Location-Based guides, photos stored on online services, social networks and other services to be created as a widget.
This year, sadly, we have had our funding reduced and had to downsize our project, and we are now searching for other sources of funding to accommodate the high levels of PND support needed and hope to bring our project to the attention of the PCT.
Anxiety frequently occurs in PND and normal concerns that any mother feels for a new baby may become overwhelming.