PNDCProvisional National Defence Council (ruling junta, Ghana)
PNDCPowerful Non-Defensive Communication (Oakland, CA)
PNDCPacific Northwest Dental Conference (Washington State Dental Association)
PNDCPacific Northwest DeLorean Club (car club; est. 1992; Washington)
PNDCProgressive Neuronal Degeneration of Childhood
PNDCPhilmont Nonprofit Development Center (Glenside, PA)
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In December 1982, the PNDC announced a plan to decentralize government from Accra to the regions, the districts, and local communities, but it maintained overall control by appointing regional and district secretaries who exercised executive powers and also chaired regional and district councils.
The PNDC regime also mobilized the youth to implement development programmes.
The relevant laws governing oil and gas operations in Ghana are PNDC Law 84 of 1984, the GNPC Law--PNDC Law 64 of 1983, and the Petroleum Income Tax Law--PNDC Law 188 of 1988.
When constitutional rule was first mooted in the early 1990s, it was assumed that the then Chairman of the PNDC (Provisional National Defence Council), Flight-Lieutenant Jerry Rawlings, would entrench himself in power with even more draconian laws, if his desire to translate himself from a military leader to a civilian president, was repudiated by the electorate.
Aside from her literary career, Aidoo was appointed minister of education under Flt-Lt Jerry Rawlings' PNDC military government in 1982.
As a result of that, members who were exempted but opted for Act 766 were paid benefits under PNDC law 247 as it assured superior benefits for those affected.
The Acheampong/Akuffo's SMC and Dr Limann's government increased the capacity further by building the 160MW Kpong hydroelectric facility which was incidentally inaugurated by the then PNDC chairman, Jerry Rawlings, after he overthrew Limann's government in the 31 December 1981 coup.
Kufuor made another brief reappearance in 1982 as secretary for local government in the junta known as the Provisional National Defence Council, before resigning after clas with Rawlings in which he accused the PNDC chairman of human rights abuses.
Busia's PP government 1969-1972; Gen Kutu Acheampong's SMCI 1972-78; Lt-Gen Frederick Akuffo's SMCII 1978-79; Flt-Lt Jerry Rawlings AFRC June 1979-Sept 1979; Dr Hilla Limann's PNP government 1979-1981; and Flt-Lt Rawlings PNDC 1981-1992.
Ghana's return to multi-party politics is announced by the PNDC.