PNDCProvisional National Defence Council (ruling junta, Ghana)
PNDCPowerful Non-Defensive Communication (Oakland, CA)
PNDCPacific Northwest Dental Conference (Washington State Dental Association)
PNDCPacific Northwest DeLorean Club (car club; est. 1992; Washington)
PNDCProgressive Neuronal Degeneration of Childhood
PNDCPhilmont Nonprofit Development Center (Glenside, PA)
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This is somewhat contradicted, however, by the retention from the PNDC 1988 reforms of nonpartisan local elections and presidential powers of appointment.
In addition to Crimson Trace's Department of Defense-supplied laser sighting systems, local PNDC member companies also manufacture knives, optics, scope mounts, thermal imaging systems, gun parts, footwear, tracking devices and other products to be used around the globe in defense and security services.
Le 14 janvier 1983, la loi PNDC L 41 a decrete la creation de l'Upper West Region, decoupee dans ce qui etait alors l'Upper Region.
In December 1982, the PNDC announced a plan to decentralize government from Accra to the regions, the districts, and local communities, but it maintained overall control by appointing regional and district secretaries who exercised executive powers and also chaired regional and district councils.
As a military and a dictatorial government, PNDC had an advantage that democratic governments in developing countries did not have: the PNDC government could implement the austere SAP of the IMF/WB without opposition from citizens.
In view of those public reactions, the PNDC Law 207 is being reviewed in hopes of helping these grassroots governing bodies to acquire sustainable monetary resources to enhance their chances of fully accomplishing their well-conceived goals.
In 1992, the rules of electoral competition had been decreed by the PNDC government and, although these were largely in line with the provisions of the Fourth Republic constitution-- approved by referendum in April 1992 but not to come into force until January 1993--the Interim National Electoral Commission (INEC), which enjoyed no constitutional autonomy, had been suspected of partiality in its management of the electoral process.
Rawlings's AFRC (Armed Forces Revolutionary Council) and the PNDC (Provisional National Defence Council) created many wounds and polarised the society.
To some, human rights violations under the PNDC not only traumatized society as a whole, but also engendered an atmosphere of fear, insecurity, recrimination, and suspicion that marred the transition.
Thus, the forum created by the Christian Council of Ghana was a radical challenge to the PNDC.
As a matter of urgency, the Minerals Commission is to liaise with the three District Assemblies where the areas are located to setup small scale gold mining committees in accordance with section 10 of the small scale gold mining Law, PNDC 218.
The relevant laws governing oil and gas operations in Ghana are PNDC Law 84 of 1984, the GNPC Law--PNDC Law 64 of 1983, and the Petroleum Income Tax Law--PNDC Law 188 of 1988.