PNDCProvisional National Defence Council (ruling junta, Ghana)
PNDCPowerful Non-Defensive Communication (Oakland, CA)
PNDCPacific Northwest Dental Conference (Washington State Dental Association)
PNDCPacific Northwest DeLorean Club (car club; est. 1992; Washington)
PNDCProgressive Neuronal Degeneration of Childhood
PNDCPhilmont Nonprofit Development Center (Glenside, PA)
PNDCProbabilistic Non-Deducibility on Composition (information flow analysis)
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This is somewhat contradicted, however, by the retention from the PNDC 1988 reforms of nonpartisan local elections and presidential powers of appointment.
During the past decade, Crimson Trace has supported the PNDC by hosting on-site tours at the company's manufacturing facility in Wilsonville, Ore., sponsoring several annual range day activities, and participating in other defense industry related events.
The relevant laws governing oil and gas operations in Ghana are PNDC Law 84 of 1984, the GNPC Law (PNDC Law 64 of 1983), and the Petroleum income Tax Law (PNDC Law 188 of 1988).
Following the enactment of the Polytechnic Law in 1992, PNDC Law 321, Kumasi Polytechnic ceased to exist in its previous form and became a tertiary institution.
In attempts at dealing with the ailing Ghanaian economy, the Provisional National Defense Council (PNDC) government adopted the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) supported structural adjustment program.
They established the Provisional National Defense Council (PNDC), initially composed of seven members with Rawlings as chairman, to exercise executive and legislative powers.
Ghana s Petroleum exploration and production law, PNDC Law 84, section 8 states that A petroleum agreement entered into under this Law shall not directly or indirectly be assigned in whole or in part, by the holder of such agreement to another person without the prior consent in writing of the secretary.
He led a second military coup in 1981, establishing a populist, reform-oriented ruling civil-military entity, the Provisional National Defense Council (PNDC).
The NPP consistently embarks on "fear campaign" against the NDC using the fact that the NDC was born out of the PNDC (a military government with unimpressive human rights record).
The NCB also called for amendment, without success, of PNDC Law 236 (1990) to enable it to confiscate property and assets purchased by identified drug dealers using illegal proceeds.
About 250 workers were dismissed, including trade union leaders (Ninsin and Drab 1993:99) The PNP government yielded to a military coup d'etat by the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) which governed from 1981 to 2000 headed by J.