PNDCLProvisional National Defense Council Law (Ghana Law Reform Commission)
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In addition, there exists the Interstate Succession Law, 1985 (PNDCL III) that protects the inheritance rights of spouses and children including orphans and their maintenance (21-22).
(189.) Land Title Registration Law 1986 (PNDCL 152).
In addition, the Intestate Succession Law (PNDCL 11) protected the rights of widows whose husbands died intestate.
The Habeas Corpus (Amendment) Law (PNDCL 91) provided that the courts had no power to inquire into any detention that the regime had made at its discretion under the Protective Custody Law (PNDCL 4).
Regarding freedom of expression, the regime employed the Newspaper Licensing Law (PNDCL 211) and other unbridled powers at its disposal to silence the independent press.(47) Not only were pressmen arrested and detained, but also press houses were attacked and set on fire.(48) Only the Pioneer survived, but under severe restrictions, while the state-owned newspapers censored themselves in fear of the regime.
Moreover, the Religious Bodies Registration Law (PNDCL 221) demanded that all religious bodies register with the government in order to obtain a license to operate.(49) The government claimed that this action prevented the degeneration of religious freedom into license and ensured that all groups openly declare their identities, thereby enabling the government to protect the rights of all citizens.(50) The Christian community viewed the law as a reaction to its disagreements with the PNDC on human rights issues.
Other repressive laws - the Habeas Corpus Amendment Law (PNDCL 91), the Preventive Custody Law (PNDCL 4) - were withdrawn only one month before the elections.
The Political Parties Law (PNDCL 281) provided that no name, symbol or colour of any previous political party should be used; no foreign company should contribute to party funds; no individual should contribute more than C200,000 (now, less than $200).(36) The regime's supporters argued that similar laws had been passed in 1969 and 1979.
Currently in Ghana, abortion is a criminal offense regulated by Act 29, section 58 of the Criminal code of 1960, amended by PNDCL 102 of 198522.