PNDLProgramme National de Développement Local (French: National Programme for Local Development; Senegal)
PNDLPetri Net Description Language
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melanotis in the PNCA would show lower intratesticular contents of T than the less abundant population at PNDL. To test these patterns, we examine intragonadal T contents among four years, as well as among seasonal periods.
As for The Parque Nacional Desierto de los Leones (PNDL), it is located within the Sierra de las Cruces, at the E of the Valle de Mexico, being this mountain range a continuation of the Sierra del Ajusco.
Expression of the secreted signaling factors Wnt4, Wnt5a, Wnt7a, and Fstll was similar in all regions of the FRT on PNDl and PND5 and in adults (data not shown).
bihor funded under the pndi and pndl programs and services for the technical and economic expertise of the investment objective rehabilitation of water and waste water structure in cogealac commune, cogealac and tariverde villages, constanta county , financed under the pndl program reference number26369185 / 17/18 / s / 2019 / bs
Tenders are invited for the object of the acquisition procedure is the acquisition of works for the project modernization of communal roads in the commune of lopadea noua, alba county project funded by pndl the estimated value without vat is 7,871,667.
Tenders are invited for the contract concerns the provision of design services at the technical project (pt) phase, the technical assistance from the designer and the execution of works for the realization of the investment financed by pndl
It is worth mentioning that the educational unit is included in a rehabilitation project under the National Plan for Local Development (PNDL) II, with the work being started.
To this adds another amount of 300 million lei for investments through the National Programme for Local Development, I refer to PNDL 1 and PNDL 2, money that will be allocated to local communities through the Ministry of Development, especially to extend the water and sewerage networks and to rehabilitate county and countryside roads.
Caracal and modernization of the streets - stage i, Dabuleni city, Dolj county, Financed by the pndl program.
Objectives : Coordinated by the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration (MRDPA) , the Romanian National Local Development Programme (PNDL - Programul National de Dezvoltare Locala) establishes the legal framework for the implementation of projects of national importance, supporting regional development notably in the public utilities, transport, social, health and education sectors.
Tenders are invited for Modernization of local roads, the village Letea Veche, Bacau - PNDL