PNEACPrinters' National Environmental Assistance Center
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The EPA Design for the Environment Program works closely with PNEAC in the development of project bulletins, seminars, case studies, and pollution prevention training materials.
PETE DFE ALLIANCE Training & Workshops Regional PETE Workshops Western PETE July 31-August 2 P2 Chemistry Workshops Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado Small-Scale Inorganic Chemistry Workshop June 2-13 Merrimack College, North Andover, Massachusetts Microscale Organic Chemistry Workshop June 16-20 National Green Chemistry Conference June 23-27 P2 Automotive Instructor Training Salt Lake City, UT July 21-24 Nashville State Technical College, TN August 11-12 Manatee Community College, FL August 14-15 North Central PETE August 18-22 South Central Pete August 25-29 PNEAC "Green and Profitable Printing 1997" Teleconference December 9
In accepting the award, PFFC's Deborah Donberg, associate managing editor, said, "I would like to thank PNEAC for this award, which I accept on behalf of our entire staff.