PNEIPsycho-Neuro-Endocrino-Immunology (publication)
PNEIPacific Northwest Earthquake Information (see also Pacific Northwest Seismic Network; University of Washington)
PNEIPercutaneous Intranodular Ethanol Injection (endocrinology)
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O PNEI, documento que define as Politicas Nacionais de Educacao Infantil, determina que os estados, o Distrito Federal e os municipios elaborem seus respectivos planos decenais, de modo a legitimar os objetivos para ampliacao de oferta de vagas para as criancas em promocao das melhorias quantitativas e qualitativas das instituicoes de Educacao Infantil (Brasil, 2006).
Bioregulation of the cerebrospinal fluid flow has a profound impact on the entire PNEI system.
Dans le cadre du PNEI, huit metiers ont ete cibles, a savoir: les materiaux composites (cellules, nacelles et interieur), le travail des metaux (usinage, chaudronnerie, tolerie, traitement de surface), l'assemblage (pieces structurales avions et moteurs), l'ingenierie et conception (calcul et CAO), les systemes electriques et cablage, la reparation des moteurs, pieces et equipements, la maintenance (moteurs, cellules et equipements), et la transformation, modification et demantelement d'avions.
The hazards of workers moving from different forms of employment to economic inactivity, PEPN, PEIN, and from inactivity to the informal sector, PNEI, are all significant and countercyclical for male workers while PNEF, the hazard associated with moving from inactivity to employment in the formal sector, is pro-cyclical and significant for male workers, and for the total.
In Shir pnei nevua the combining of nigun (melody) with kosef expresses the poet's endeavors to adopt once again the dimension of mission and prophetic destiny, which in many of the poems is replaced by an elegiac mode: (8)
on a hilltop road east of the Pnei Hever settlement, close to the Zif Highway junction.
He continued with his writing, issuing in 1846 Pnei Shlomo, an elucidation of portions of the Talmud.
The Palestinian owners of a plot of land on which 1,200 olive saplings had been planted discovered that 1,100 saplings had been stolen, and 100 uprooted and broken, reportedly by settlers, on land located between the settlement of Asfar and the outpost of Pnei Kedem, near Ash Shuyukh village (Hebron), affecting 20 Palestinian families.