PNEUROPEuropean Committee of Manufacturers of Compressed Air Equipment
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According to PNEUROP, compression ratio is defined as the "relationship of the backing pressure to the inlet pressure for a given gas of zero flow rate, where 90% at least of the backing pressure being due to the partial pressure of this gas in the outlet duct.
High-ranking officers of American tool manufacturers, meeting as part of CAGI's pneumatic tool section, asked PNEUROP to withhold the report from NIOSH.
The reason for this decision to withhold information from NIOSH became more apparent at later PNEUROP meetings.
PNEUROP members are national associations representing more than 200 manufacturers in 8 EU Member States, in Switzerland and in Turkey.
The PNEUROP Plenary offers you the opportunity to network and allows delegates to maximise their time by making new business relationships with industry experts and fellow peers.