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PNFProprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
PNFPlug and Play File
PNFPartito Nazionale Fascista (Italian political party)
PNFPlumas National Forest (US Forest Service)
PNFPilot Not Flying
PNFPage Not Found
PNFProfiling Natural Fluorescence (Biospherical Instruments Inc.)
PNFPeople in Need Foundation (India)
PNFParti Nationaliste Français
PNFPhilippine News and Features
PNFPlanar Near-Field
PNFProfile and Notification Facility
PNFPart Not Found
PNFPawnee National Forest (US Forest Service)
PNFPrograma Nacional de Fertilizantes (Portuguese: National Fertilizer Program; Brazil)
PNFPost Nuclear Fall-out
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Waitlist control (received PFI with PNF based on baseline assessment at first followup) (within person *) PFI/PNF vs.
Application, by physiotherapist experienced in the PNF techniques, of the techniques of <<Reversal of Antagonists>> (RA), superimposed on the implementation of the flexor and extensor patterns of Diagonal 1 in the left upper limb (LUL) and, subsequently, of the Diagonal 2 (LUL), in the manner and sequence described below: Slow Reversal--Hold Technique, superimposed to the patterns of movement in D1 flexion and D1 extension, of the LUL.
Ten repetitions of each pattern were done before proceeding to the next pattern, in line with what obtains in previous PNF studies.
PNF stretches may do this only if they are very specific to the movements experienced in running.
An oversimplified explanation of the PNF concept is that the voluntary contraction phase will override the muscle receptors' inclination to inhibit the stretch with an involuntary contraction, thus permitting a greater lengthening phase.
Theraband exercises round out the program by actively strengthening the muscles around your shoulder blades that were helped by the PNF.
At least one scholar has claimed that the initiative for the establishment of the PNF came from the Soviet Union.
PNF, PNI and PYN also seek to provide income exempt from New York State and city income taxes.
If the PNF is handling navigation but not ATC, he or she should stay away from the mic switch.
Chairman of Pakistan Netball Federation (PNF) Zafar Iqbal Awan, President of PNF Mudassar Arain and Secretary of PNF Mohammad Riaz congratulated Pakistani team for winning the silver medal in the championship.
Corporate sector and IPC ministry need to step forward and provide sufficient funds to the PNF, if they want Pakistan players excel at international level,' he added.