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PNFProprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
PNFPartito Nazionale Fascista (Italian political party)
PNFPlumas National Forest (US Forest Service)
PNFPilot Not Flying
PNFPage Not Found
PNFParti Nationaliste Français
PNFPhilippine News and Features
PNFPlanar Near-Field
PNFProfile and Notification Facility
PNFPart Not Found
PNFPawnee National Forest (US Forest Service)
PNFPrograma Nacional de Fertilizantes (Portuguese: National Fertilizer Program; Brazil)
PNFPost Nuclear Fall-out
PNFProfiling Natural Fluorescence (Biospherical Instruments Inc.)
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The region has a real confidence about it, and presents significant opportunities, so we are very pleased to have been able to acquire PNF.
This flexibility program should consist of static or PNF stretching methods in which the stretch is held for 20 to 30 seconds and repeated three times.
LaBrie and colleagues (2013) compared a full PFI to eight versions of a PNF intervention (a component of the full PFI) that varied the specificity of the normative reference group and a generic non-alcohol-focused normative feedback control group in Caucasian and Asian students reporting one or more occasions of heavy episodic consumption in the past month.
The book's title is something of a misnomer, because the study almost entirely concerns the city of Rome, not the entirety of Fascist Italy, where cities and towns with Roman ruins or roots became enthusiastic promoters of archaeology and ancient history whenever possible, both to bolster local prestige and to gain access to the funding that flowed from state and PNF coffers.
The PNF exercise was performed three times with the participant achieving maximum tolerable range of motion of the targeted muscle while an experimenter provided an opposing force for eight seconds, followed by relaxation.
Also consistent with previous reviews, there was an absence of support for programs solely including alcohol education, although multicomponent alcohol education--focused programs, which combine educational elements with BMI, PFI, and PNF components, had greater, albeit mixed, support.
Ten repetitions of each pattern were done before proceeding to the next pattern, in line with what obtains in previous PNF studies.
From 02:10:50:The PNF tried several times to call the captain back.
Billions of dollars of Arab donations never appearing on the records of PNF," in Al Ghussein's own words, were the last straw that led him to resign in 1996.
In the Non-Responders, PNF was the only significant contributor ([r.
Active and PNF stretching, however, which involve progressive muscle contraction and specific patterns of movement against external loading over the full range of movement, seem to offer the most effective means of improving the full range of functional performance in sport (running) and exercise.
This edition includes a new section on Pilates and expanded coverage of isokinetics and PNF techniques.