PNFSParallel Network File System
PNFSPerfectly Normal File System
PNFSPeripheral Nerve Field Stimulation
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Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) improved joint stabilization in young adults [26].
Better still, using the same installation and management system, as needed, the operator can opt to introduce PNFs such as IP VPN, traffic classification and policing, SLA-based business services, and performance monitoring.
The health secretary explained that since both vaccines were not included in the PNFS, the head of the NCPAM approved the certificate of exemption for PCV 13 on Nov.
Bernstein and colleagues presented a case series of twenty patients who were treated with a combination of both SCS and PNFS for lower back and radicular leg pain syndromes.
PNFs appear as diffuse, irregular masses that cross multiple tissue planes with other features including thickening of the soft tissues, irregular intraconal fat, irregular nodularity of the optic nerve sheath, and thickening of the sclera/choroid [63].
oligospora conidia were seen under the microscope, but when trying to isolate them, faster growing saprophyte fungi grew (mainly Fusarium and Aspergillus), possibly because they were more abundant than the PNFs. On the contrary, in the case of plants, there was a nematode population already established, providing the PNF with additional sources of nutrients, enabling them to colonize faster and more prolifically than other saprophytes.
Some 40 minutes late, we eventually get under way, and some of the panellists are probably suffering from a seasonal affliction soon to be known to the medical profession as PNFS (Preview Night Fatigue Syndrome), and take their time to get going, but Messrs Mullins and Russell in particular are known to have a quotable thing or two to say, and by the time things move on to the Arkle, the blood is flowing a bit.
A Yes, the device you are referring to is an electrical system called peripheral nerve field stimulation (PNFS).
Not only must they engage in the often mentally taxing control of the aircraft, but they must also make critical decisions based on information obtained through their FOs, who are typically primarily responsible (as PNFs) for communicating with air traffic control (ATC).