PNGBPseudo Nambu-Goldstone Bosons
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This argument is certainly not intended to be rigorous; we merely hope to provide some intuition for the fact that the nonlinear nature of a pNGB Higgs boson leads to repeated structures even across different models and choices of representations (see also [35] for a comprehensive review of different Composite Higgs models, and an especially detailed look at the constraints on the SO(5)/SO(4) coset with Run 1 data).
The first possibility is that in models with an extra singlet pNGB (such as the SU(4)/Sp(4) and SU(5)/SO(5) cosets), the pNGB potential could induce a VEV for the singlet.
Another possibility is that the spontaneous breaking leads to another pNGB doublet of [SU(2).sub.L] (a composite two Higgs doublet model).
In particular we studied the interesting possibility that an extra singlet pNGB may acquire a VEV.
Then Higgs and the other pNGBs (denoted collectively by [[phi].sup.a], one for each broken generator [X.sup.a]) are parametrised via