PNGRBPetroleum & Natural Gas Regulatory Board (India)
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The third party has to pay an approved transportation tariff to PNGRB before using this capacity.
the PNGRB is interested in declaring an existing pipeline or
tariffs, (68) the PNGRB is expected to keep considerations of
Interestingly, the PNGRB Act borrows the concept of
In order to deter violations, the PNGRB can impose civil penalties
The ratings however positively factor in the favourable project economics, supported by regulations under PNGRB Act as per which incumbents, post authorisation, will enjoy monopoly with regard to network provision and be eligible for attractive return on capital employed.
PNGRB has usurped the state function by misinterpreting the legal provisions," Tripathi had argued.
IGL claims the retrospective decision would cost it ` 1,500 crore and that PNGRB doesn't have the power to either fix tariff or make it retrospective.
Chandiok, however, said, " Under the PNGRB Act, the Board is entitled to frame regulations for the interest of the public.
Mohanty, Advisor to the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Members of the PNGRB, experts, officials of private players and others.
Shah and Justice Manmohan said since Section 16 of the PNGRB Act had not been notified by the government, the Board did not have the powers to grant authorisation to begin city gas distribution.
Any authorisation given by the Board cannot be termed as a valid authorisation as Section 16 of the PNGRB Act has not yet been notified by the government," the bench said.