PNGVPartnership for a New Generation of Vehicles
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As a White House press release noted, the PNGV presented "a technological challenge comparable to or greater than that involved in the Apollo project" (White House 1993).
Under the terms of the agreement, PNGV will participate in the deepening of the 7-32 well from 5400ft to intersect a large seismic target at 7,500 ft.
In recent years, PNGV support for fuel cell--related technologies increased significantly.
Taking into consideration the successes, degree of progress, and lessons learned in the PNGV program to date, government and industry participants should refine the PNGV charter and goals to better reflect current societal needs and the ability of a cooperative, precompetitive R&D program to address these needs successfully.
Environmentalists say the PNGV has also focused on developing the wrong technologies, including diesel engines which will not meet California's tough emissions standards.
Tomorrow's vehicles, PNGV confidently predicts, will contain a mix of aluminum, steel, plastic, magnesium, and composites.
Yet viewed strictly as an updating of PNGV, FreedomCAR is a fruitful redirection of federal R&D policy and a positive, albeit first step toward the hydrogen economy.
On January 9, 2002, Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham announced at the North American International Auto Show, "The PNGV wasn't cost effective and it wasn't moving a competitive automobile to the showroom, it certainly had a desirable goal--an 80-mile-per-gallon vehicle--but it wasn't at all clear this vehicle would appeal to co nsumer tastes.
Earlier this year, both Ford and CM released aluminum-intensive concept cars -- the Ford Prodigy and GM Precept -- which embody those PNGV objectives and are both powered by hybrid propulsion systems.
No one element of the vehicle will achieve the overall goals - everything must be re-evaluated and improved as part of the PNGV process.
Should testing be done with future prototype models, perhaps from the PNGV program?
Unlike the daydream that is the PNGV project, these methods--and they are but two of what, no doubt, are many--are ready to be exploited now.