PNIFPeak Nasal Inspiratory Flow
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Before verification of PNIF, the subject performed habitual nasal hygiene practices, lightly blowing the nostrils.
To evaluate the differences between the use and non-use of the IND regarding performance measurements, and between PNIF measurements in each of the studied groups, the Student t-test was used for paired samples.
In regards to PNIF, significantly higher means were found when the subjects used the IND.
7) and Hellings and Trenite (11) for adolescent athletes and adults with nasal obstruction, respectively, with regard to the PNIF finding.
Several authors (3,13,20), recommend and justify the application of PNIF as a form of assessing nasal patency in a quick and simple economical manner where results are easily interpreted.
Based on the PNIF, oximetazoline increased the nasal air flow at rest, but the increase did not improve the subjects' aerobic exercise and subjective perception of exertion parameters with hypertrophy of the lower cornet compared to the placebo.