PNLSPacific Northwest Live Steamers (railroad; Oregon)
PNLSPenalized Nonlinear Least Squares
PNLSPaynesville New London Spicer (hockey club; Paynesville, MN)
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Blood samples were taken and sent to the PNLS laboratory by qualified health workers (nurses, laboratory technicians).
We are grateful to the PNLS and the global fund for providing research funding; the Ministry of Health (Benin) through their departmental health directorates for their collaboration and technical support; the Comite National de Lutte contre le VIH/Sida for contributing to the study's success; and all those who participated in the study.
8 There were tensions between the PNLS coordinator and the long-term technical assistant, hired to build PNLS capacity in epidemiology and program management.
By design PNLS was relieved of inter-sectoral coordination responsibilities under the project (65) to enable it to focus its limited capacity on mobilizing and guiding MoPH in fulfilling its critical mandate in the fight against HIV/AIDS.
Health-related activities and epidemiological surveillance were implemented, albeit with some difficulty, attributable to very weak capacity of PNLS.
Ministry of Communication has a full-time person responsible for HIV/AIDS activities (training of journalists and radio and television media campaigns), the IEC unit within PNLS has developed some IEC material and carries out an ongoing HIV/AIDS campaign carried out by and for youth, but does not have the capacity for oversight and coordination of all communications efforts for prevention.
72) Project support has made headway in strengthening epidemiological surveillance, but this capacity must be mainstreamed into the MoH, beyond the PNLS.
Noue Deoudje, Epidemiological Surveillance Service, PNLS
Kadjangaba, Chief, Information, Education and Communications Unit, PNLS
Support was directed at the PNLS, CNLS, CTLS, and the MoPH division in charge of health management information systems.
The condom social marketing program was managed in an autonomous manner by a social marketing unit established with project assistance, under the general direction and guidance of ASTBEF (80) with the technical support of a social marketing firm, in close coordination with PNLS and in collaboration with public sector and civil society.
PNLS staff person responsible for epidemiological surveillance at the project's outset received training in epidemiology, but was transferred to another post upon his return to Chad.