PNLTPort Numbay Leaf Tobacco (Indonesia)
PNLTPerceived Noise Level, Tone (correction factor)
PNLTPudendal Nerve Latency Test
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The engines will be manufactured to cope with emission requirements according to the Japanese PNLT (Post New Long-Term), the US EPA 2010, as well as Euro III-VI.
NASDAQ: PNLT, PNLTW), a development stage mobile computing software company, today reported revenues for the nine months ended March 31, 1994, of $129,093, and third quarter revenues of $76,600 as the company began shipping its version 1.
NASDAQ: PNLT, PNLTD, PNLTW), a mobile computing software company, recorded its first revenues of $47,500 for the six months, and $22,500 for the second quarter, ended Dec.