PNMRPerinatal Mortality Rate
PNMRPulsed Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
PNMRPost-Neonatal Mortality Rate
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The net proceeds from the offering were used to repay PNMRs three-year unsecured term loan and borrowings under PNMRs unsecured revolving credit facility.
According to the reports of the World Health Organization (WHO), the PNMR is 62[per thousand] in Africa and below 10[per thousand] in Asia (3).
Total 66 perinatal deaths contributed to PNMR of 277/1000 twin babies.
Another study conducted in Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Center (JPMC) revealed a PNMR of 97.
0m aggregate principal amount of PNMR notes in this offering.
No tratamento PNMR, foi realizada a correção da acidez do solo no início do mês de maio, sendo aplicadas 3 t [ha.
Overall, the PNMR showed a slow but steady decline over the entire study period.
3) Another Dutch survey compared the PNMR in breech presentation with that in vertex presentation in singleton pregnancies; it was concluded that breech presentation is not coincidental but a consequence of 'poor fetal quality'.
PNMR and PNM assume no obligation to update this information.
About 23% of the neonates born to teenagers were low birth weight and majority of them were due to preterm birth, 1 stillborn and 3 case of IUDs were seen, PNMR being 4.
PNMR, PNM and TNMP assume no obligation to update this information.
10) A study (11) from Ludhiana reported PNMR as 51/1000 total births, which is in agreement with the WHO (12) data for Asia as well as other study.