PNNDParliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament
PNNDProbabilistic Neural Novelty Detector
PNNDPneumoencephalitic or Neurotropic Newcastle's Disease
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PNND are made up of 700 leading parliamentarians from 90 countries and all parties.
2) The five PNND Co-Presidents making the statement were: Senator Abacca Anjain Maddison (from Rongelap atoll which has been evacuated due to radioactive fall-out from US nuclear tests); Hon Marian Hobbs, New Zealand Minister for Disarmament; Mikyung Lee, General Secretary of the Democratic Party (Korea) Alexa McDonough, Leader of the New Democratic Party (Canada); Uta Zapf, Chair of the Bundestag Parliament Committee on Disarmament
He is currently the South East Asia co-ordinator of the Parliamentarian Network for Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Disarmament, PNND.