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PNNIPrivate Network to Network Interface
PNNIPublic Network Node Interface
PNNIPrivate Network-to-Network Interface
PNNIPrivate Network Node Interface
PNNIPublic Network-to-Network Interface
PNNIPalawan NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Network, Inc. (est. 1991; Palawan, Philippines)
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I-PNNI simply adds information to PNNI linkstate update messages that allows the perimeter devices to maintain awareness of LAN protocols and layer-3 subnetwork topologies.
NetTest's PNNI interEMULATOR strengths lie in its ability to conduct real-time testing and analysis of complex network topologies.
GN Nettest's current PNNI offering, which is available on the interWATCH(TM); enables service providers and network equipment vendors to perform conformance and interoperability testing.
It provides effective testing of PNNI implementations as well as quality assurance and final testing in a cost efficient manner.
DCL's High Availability Framework integrates seamlessly with Data Connection's full SS7 product range (ISUP, B- ISUP, MTP3, TCAP, SCCP, SAAL), gateway/Voice over IP software (DC-CallSwitch), and ATM product range (UNI, ILMI, multi-hierarchy PNNI, LANE (v1/v2), MPOA, Classical IP over ATM, Call Control, PVC and Soft PVC).
By offering these capabilities in addition to PNNI and point-to-multipoint tests on the ubiquitous NT platform, conformance testing is now much easier and readily obtainable", continues Mr.
This includes the Soft-ATM Signalling Subsystem, ILMI, and PNNI.
Bay Networks' leadership in building industrial-strength ATM networks is strengthened through the addition of high-performance, standards-compliant PNNI and fully-redundant ATM core switching.
Complementing DTI's existing ATM Protocol conformance suites, the new PnniTest 100 and Unitest 200 offers internetworking equipment developers an automated way to test their implementation of ATM Forum specified PNNI 1.
0 signaling and PNNI single peer group software has been shipped and integrated into customer products for well over a year.