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PNNIPrivate Network-to-Network Interface
PNNIPrivate Network Node Interface
PNNIPublic Network-to-Network Interface
PNNIPalawan NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) Network, Inc. (est. 1991; Palawan, Philippines)
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The PNNI Phase 1 Conformance Executable Test Suite Solution consists of Bellcore developed test suites which is intended to allow ATM device manufacturers and service providers to validate PNNI implementations according to the ATM Forum Specification.
I-PNNI simply adds information to PNNI linkstate update messages that allows the perimeter devices to maintain awareness of LAN protocols and layer-3 subnetwork topologies.
NEC America's ATM switches 1) Accomplished peer group leader status for configuration of the PNNI multi-level hierarchical ATM network and 2)Successfully completed the function necessary for exchanging information needed for control of dynamic routing between peer groups.
NetTest's PNNI interEMULATOR strengths lie in its ability to conduct real-time testing and analysis of complex network topologies.
We are excited to be the first vendor to independently demonstrate ATM Forum PNNI compliance," said Joseph Skorupa, senior director, product marketing, FORE Systems.
Hierarchical PNNI and independent routing operations in their switches adds further value.
GN Nettest's current PNNI offering, which is available on the interWATCH(TM); enables service providers and network equipment vendors to perform conformance and interoperability testing.
It provides effective testing of PNNI implementations as well as quality assurance and final testing in a cost efficient manner.
DCL's Fault Tolerance Manager (DC-FTM), first released in January 1998, replicates ATM signalling and routing databases to a back-up processor to support hot-swap on hardware failure and hot-software upgrades, while maintaining all active calls and parties and maintaining an up-to-date PNNI routing database.
Coupled with RADCOM's PNNI simulation package announced in October and its award-winning UNI signalling simulation software, these solutions are the only integrated source of ATM PNNI and UNI conformance and simulation testing available on the market today.
It contains a call admission control capability and is integrated with Soft-ATM(TM) PNNI Routing Software Subsystem.