PNNLPacific Northwest National Laboratory
PNNLPotential National Natural Landmark
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To help manage its AED program, PNNL purchased MasterTrak(TM), a proprietary web solution developed by Cardiac Science to allow customers to track the components of their AED program, including equipment inventory, locations, pad, and battery expiration dates, as well as employee training and certification records.
To assess the actual amount of total energy consumption, the lead researcher, Sarah Widder, and associates set up heat pump water heaters in the PNNL Test Homes, which were specifically built and furnished for tests related to energy-efficient technologies.
In response to the "run remotely" alternative, PNNL argued that a separate procurement was required to develop and run large NWchem jobs--a focus of the PNNL computational research effort.
In the PNNL process, a slurry of green algae is pumped into the front end of a chemical reactor.
But PNNL researchers determined stopping that leakage can be particularly challenging.
The licensed PNNL technology can help stabilize the electrical grid by continuously monitoring the grid's alternating current (AC) frequency and varying the vehicle charging rate in response.
As part of the audit, PNNL purchased Panasonic's phones from retail stores and tested the phones' circuit boards.
Imperium entered the project in July last year through a collaborative research agreement with non-profit research organisation Battelle, which manages PNNL for DOE.
At Supercomputing 2009, computational scientists from PNNL and engineers from Netezza showed how they tackled petascale amounts of Internet traffic data to detect patterns that could indicate cyber attacks from the outside.
The building is located on the campus of Washington State University Tri-Cities Campus in Richland, Washington, approximately one mile south of the main campus of PNNL.
In collaboration with a liquid (spray) cooling vendor, PNNL has evaluated the vendor's cooling solution for a number of items including required facility preparation, solution installation, solution management, thermal performance, application performance (running production software), maintainability, reliability, availability, and total cost of ownership.
PNNL and Steward are investigating the capture of other metals from power plant emissions.