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"The combination of mechanical interlocking and metallurgical bonding formed during a single process is the innovation that produces joints of superior strength and ductility compared to joints created by the other friction stir methods," says PNNL engineer Scott Whalen, who leads the research.
Hanford tank-farm contractor Washington River Protection Solutions delivered liquid waste to the PNNL lab, which is in the Hanford 300 Area just north of Richland.
"Connected lighting has huge potential to improve lighting quality, save energy and provide new services," says Michael Poplawksi, a PNNL engineer who manages the test bed.
"This is an honor perfectly befitting a scientist like Ruby, who has contributed so much to our scientific understanding of earth systems," said Steven Ashby, director of PNNL. "Her contributions extend beyond her research studies; she has helped to form the nation's approach to important challenges and has spurred other scientists to focus on significant questions as well."
PNNL uses the Progress Indicator to quantitatively track the progress of Standard 90.1-2016 and report the energy impacts of all approved addenda to the 90.1 committee periodically during its three-year development cycle.
The approach being studied by PNNL eliminates the need for drying required in a majority of current thermal technologies which historically has made wastewater to fuel conversion too energy intensive and expensive.
"Wind plays a key role in the rising area of distributed energy," said report co-author Alice Orrell, an energy analyst at PNNL. (2)
The devices are placed in buildings and in security vehicles with the goal of enabling PNNL staff to respond to a sudden cardiac arrest incident within three minutes.
According to the PNNL, the use of heat pump water heaters reduces energy consumption by 63 percent.
"I was surprised at the role liquid plays in the reactivity of the metal catalyst," said PNNL's Yeohoon Yoon, a co-author on the study.