PNORParticulate Not Otherwise Regulated
PNORPunta Norte Orca Research
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Pnor to ABA, Blanchfield worked in agricultural finance for 11 years in central New York State, including six years as an agricultural loan officer at a bank.
Por tal razon, previamente se seleccionaron y ocuparon dos vertices de la antigua red de control convencional del PGRU (Figura 3) para la estimacion de coordenadas actualizadas y de alta precision, dichas estaciones fueron Punta de Piedras Norte (PNOR) y Punta Iguana Sur (PSUR), ambas muy cercanas a la estructura lo que implico la generacion de lineas base cortas (menores a 10Km), favoreciendo asi las mediciones destinadas a este tipo de aplicaciones [4].
Computing Dd The IEP of the normal group, named Pnor, and of the psychiatric subgroup, named Ppsy, could be computed from the answers of every item.
Using the company's Pseudo-NOR (PNOR) technology, All-in-OneMemory optimizes the use of NAND Flash for both code and data storage.
This also gives us the opportunity to establish modes for munitions transport, enabling US forces to fully inform sovereign nations of planned munitions movements; allows concerns to be voiced pnor to potential conflicts; and permits USEUCOM to mitigate national concerns before they become serious.