PNOSPartei National Orientierter Schweizer (German: National Oriented Swiss Party)
PNOSParticulate (insoluble) Not Otherwise Specified
PNOSProposed Notice of Sale
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In New, three psychologists assessed the defendant; however, (124) the difference between the state's two psychologists and the defendant's psychologist was the fact that defendant's psychologist argued the PNOS, sexual attraction to sexually immature adolescents, was not a pathology, or as stated in this Comment, a "mental disorder." (125) As stated in Part II.B, the categorization of paraphilia in the DSM has eight specific sub-categories for paraphilias and one residual category.
The Illinois Appellate Court found that a Frye hearing was necessary because PNOS and its various subcategories were not "generally accepted in the community." (128) The court wanted to see if PNOS was valid for a sexually violent person under a "mental disorder" in the legal sense, not only the psychological sense.
The court focused on the differences in opinion and assessment of the three psychologists, (132) and because of their variation, the determination that the general psychological community accepted PNOS as a mental disorder lessened in its validity.
Certainly, some customers had strong preferences for premium and natural foods; however, it is hard to see how these customers needed to buy the desired products at a PNOS. For the discrimination to be relevant, some evidence for one-stop shopping would be expected, as well as an explanation for how the PNOS firms could target core customers with price increases.
Core customers were simply dedicated to the PNOS style of retailing.
For example, in Whole Foods, a full trial on the merits would have developed information on the ongoing repositioning of regular supermarkets into the PNOS niche.
First of all, behavioral antitrust recognizes that although a broad class of grocery consumers who shop at a PNOS would include marginal consumers who shift their purchases as a result of a price hike, there still exist unique situations in which consumers, as a result of their own biases and preferences, face inelastic demand curves.
This same line of reasoning for branding can be applied to an extent to Whole Foods as a PNOS. However, instead of merely differentiating on the basis of a brand name, Whole Foods was differentiating by exploiting a way of life.
Lori Ashcraft, PhD, executive director of Phoenix-based Recovery Opportunity Center, which is part of Partners in Recovery, one of the county's four new PNOs, says that the dashboard is "a step in the right direction." However, with recovery-focused approaches in mind, she adds that "we need to be looking beyond measures of what we are doing for people and more at what they are doing for themselves.
"The four PNOs are all independent non-profit organizations.
Magellan's PNOs agree that paperwork doesn't make for better treatment, but say that it is unavoidable given their accountability for public funds.
Each PNO has established its own timetable to deliver ISDN to the population.