PNOVPreliminary Notice of Violation
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The NWP PNOV cites four Severity Level I violations and seven Severity Level II violations related to worker safety and health and nuclear safety requirements enforceable under Title 10 C.
The PNOV issued to PDE cites one Severity Level I violation of Part 851 requirements in the area of electrical hazard identification, assessment, prevention, and abatement.
A portion of this fee reduction in the amount of $250,000 was for unacceptable safety performance associated with a series of laser related incidents and near misses that covered the events described in the PNOV.
In response to the crane tip-over incident, FBP implemented comprehensive corrective actions that address its own findings and the violations cited in the PNOV.
In response to the fall injury event, BSA implemented comprehensive corrective actions to address the findings by a joint BSA/DOE accident investigation team and the violations in the attached PNOV.