PNPAPhilippine National Police Academy
PNPAP-Nitrophenyl Acetate
PNPAPennsylvania Newspaper Publishers' Association
PNPAParticle and Nuclear Physics Applications
PNPAPeuples Noirs Peuples Africains
PNPAPort of Nagoya Public Aquarium (Honshu, Japan)
PNPAPacific Northwest Paralegal Association (Portland, OR)
PNPAPorter Novelli Public Affairs
PNPAPaging and Narrowband PCS Alliance (Personal Communications Industry Association)
PNPAPneumonanthe Parryi
PNPAPeak National Park Authority (UK)
PNPAPacific Northwest Preservation Alliance
PNPAPediatric Nurse Practitioners and Associates
PNPAPropose Negotiate Perform Assure
PNPAPre-Natal Protection Act
PNPAProcessing, Nanostructure, Properties, and Applications
PNPAPinhole Nuclear Physics Apparatus
PnPAPlug and Play Association
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PNPA has been used as a substrate in kinetic studies of several enzymes including bovine carbonic anhydrase II, [alpha]-chymotrypsin, and acetylcholine esterase (1).
al was used to follow the hydrolysis of PNPA by measurement of the absorbance of the test solutions, over time, at 405 nm, using a Fisher Scientific Spectro Master, Model 415 spectrophotometer (5).
On the West Coast, PNPA leaders include Practice Head Donna Lucas, Karen Hutchens, Linda Martin, Bill Schreiber, Frank Schubert and Roger Salazar, former press secretary for California Governor Gray Davis' successful re-election campaign.
PNPA holds an impressive track record of winning tough battles for a wide range of clients, including The Business Roundtable, The Health Benefits Coalition, Pharmaceutical Care Management Association, Mortgage Insurance Companies of America, the Coalition for Affordable and Reliable Energy, and Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association.
For Brazil's national oil company, Petrobras, PNPA staff was instrumental in designing and completing a comprehensive crisis management and communications plan.
Appointing a Prime Minister for Yemen is a must in order to complete the next steps in the PNPA, including removal of checkpoints and non-governmental camps that belong to the Houthies in Sanaa and its surroundings," G-10 ambassadors said in a press statement.
Members of PNPA have been developing systems to provide news, information and advertising to the public by phone, facsimile and home computers using a telephone network.
The president's advisers met on Monday with Ansarullah leadership in Sa'ada to discuss the unimplemented items of the PNPA, as well as a number of issues and developments at the national arena.
The Kingdom welcomed the signing of the PNPA, wishing Yemen to address its crisis based on the Gulf initiative, al-Sheikh said.
The Minister briefed the Japanese diplomat on the challenges the government faces to normalize security and economic situation, saying that they will be tackled when the in the PNPA is implemented.
The Group of Ten Ambassadors have, since the signing of the PNPA on 21 September, repeatedly called for its full and rapid implementation both in public, and in private conversations with all signatories of the Agreement.
The PNPA implementation is important in enhancing Yemen's ability to overcome the current challenges and allow regional and international efforts to provide the necessary support in the developmental and economic aspects, al-Montheri stressed.