PNPGParque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês (Portugal)
PNPGPediatric Nutrition Practice Group (American Dietetic Association)
PNPGParti Nationaliste Populaire Guiana (French: Popular National Guyanese Party)
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The second PNPG (1982-1985) (25) strengthens the recommendations of the first PNPG (24) and also sought to harmonize the system of postgraduate studies with the Second National Development Plan, and the Third Brazilian Scientific and Technological Development Plan.
The reaction was started by addition 50 [micro]l of pNPG at increasing concentrations (0.520 mM) to both sets of mixtures.
The inhibitory mode of DNJ and the DNJ transfer product (G1-DNJ) against [alpha]-glucosidase and [alpha]-amylase were analyzed using the substrates pNPG and pNPG2, respectively.
After incubation, 50 [micro]L of substrate solution (5mM PNPG) was added to the reaction mixture and the absorbance change at 405 nm was measured at 37[degrees]C for 10 minutes using a microplate reader.
It was observed that the residual activity of Bgl-gsl was retained above 70% after the recombinant enzyme was incubated at 75[degrees]C and at pH 6.0 for 2 hour and its half- life was lhour at 90[degrees]C in the presence of 4 x [10.sup.-3] M pNPG. A synergistic effect between Bgl-gsl and with crude enzyme of either fungus Trichoderma reesei Rut-C30 or with a fusion protein (TcE1) made from cellobiohydrolase cbhl gene of T.
O presente estudo se justificou na medida em que a propria CAPES estabelece, por meio do PNPG 2011- 2020, que os resultados das avaliacoes (trienais e/ou quadrienais) devem servir de base para a formulacao de politicas publicas estrategicas para o desenvolvimento e fortalecimento do sistema de pos-graduacao brasileiro.
The [alpha]-glucosidase inhibitory activity of the extracts was determined using the substrate pNPG according to the method described by Kee et al.
Subsequently, pNPG (2mM in the above buffer, pH 7.0), acting as a substrate, was added to the solution to initiate the enzyme-substrate reactions at 37[degrees] C for 1h.
cerevisiae, 4-nitrophenyl-a-D-glucopyranoside (PNPG) as a synthetic substrate, alloxan, and dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) were purchased from Sigma (St.