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PNPISt. Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute (Russia)
PNPIPersonal Non-Public Information
PNPIPudendal Nerve Perineural Injection
PNPIProducers' Natural Processing, Inc. (specialty oils; Indiana)
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In this study, rainfall data for 21 years (1991-2011) Shoushtar city synoptic stations by SPI and PNPI indicators were examined.
The five indices relating to IC, that is, PNF1, PNMI, PNHI, PNPI and PNRI when viewed simultaneously send a message, a concern and a guideline.
Nonetheless, the bureau issued a cease and desist order against PNPI and SMI in May 2011.
The axial shielding factor of the shielding (developed and provided by PNPI Gatchina, St.
This detector was developed at PNPI and investigated in an experiment at ILL.
Description: This project is framed within the guiding principles of the PNPI and supports communities targeted by the Amor para los Ms Chiquitos (APLMC) strategy, which is consolidating itself as a national program.