PNPMProgram Nasional Pemberdayaan Masyarakat (Indonesian poverty reduction program)
PNPMPetri Nets and Performance Models
PNPMPublic and Nonprofit Management (various schools)
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No campo da saude, o PNPM propoe a criacao de politicas voltadas para a atencao integral da saude mulher privilegiando os direitos sexuais e reprodutivos.
Apesar de reconhecer a precariedade dos servicos prestados as indigenas, bem como a insuficiencia dos dados epidemiologicos para caracterizar a situacao de saude destes povos, a PNPM nao remete a necessidade de articulacao dos mesmos com os sistemas tradicionais indigenas de saude como forma de qualificar a atencao a saude da mulher indigena.
NBFIs encountered in the research locations were the Mitra Sejati Village Cooperative in Riau and Tani Jaya Murni Village Cooperative in South Kalimantan; and PNPM (Program Nasional Pemberdayaan Masyarakat) Mandiri in both locations.
PNPM is seen as a success in terms of providing soft loans for communities (Akatiga 2010).
This component will provide oversight, technical advisory services, training and other support for: a) PNPM (Program Nasional Pemberdayaan Masyarakat - National Program for Community Empowerment) at the national and sub-national levels; b) strengthening PMD (Pemberdayaan Masyarakat dan Desa - Directorate for Community and Village Empowerment); and c) supporting the management of the incremental activities generated by the project.
This program will be based on institutional and implementation arrangements established under the Bank-supported PNPM Urban program, with some modifications to support the integrated provision of urban services and infrastructure at all levels.
Project activities for Phase 1 have been completed in 13 villages across seven sub districts in three pilot districts (Bone, North Lombok and Landak), encompassing a total of 1200 direct participants (villagers, PNPM facilitators, and cultural workers), and around 5600 indirect participants (villagers who attended the project's cultural activities).
Projects comprising PNPM are financed by certain development budgets to each kabupatens (districts) and kacamatans (sub-districts).
KDP has since evolved into the PNPM Mandiri, which has a broader coverage and scope.
Under the PNPM program, more than 30,000 schools and 7,800 health facilities have been built or rehabilitated since 2008.
The services include - National Management Consultant (NMC) for Implementation Support of PNPM Urban and UPP Advanced, 5 (five) package of Oversight Service Provider (OSP), Non Consultant Service for Technical Assistance Implementation Operational Support, Non Consultant Service for Evaluation Consultant Implementation Operational Support, Capacity Building Materials (Training & Socialization) to Support NCEP, Individual Consultant.