PNPPPerry Nuclear Power Plant (Perry, OH)
PNPPProvidence Neighborhood Planting Program (est. 1988; Providence, RI)
PNPPPreparing the New Psychology Professoriate (book)
PNPPPreparing New Principals Program (Florida)
PNPPPaks Nuclear Power Plant (Hungary)
PNPPPersistently Non-Political Podcast
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ChIP assays using PNPP BPA-treated liver tissues were performed according to the ChIP-IT[R] Express Kit (Active Motif) with modifications.
Total RNA from W5 and W39 liver tissues after PNPP BPA exposure was isolated using TRIzol[TM] reagent (Invitrogen[TM], Thremo Fisher Scientific).
Effects of PNPP BPA Exposure on Body Weight and Hepatic Lipid Accumulation in Female Offspring
1-12 (EPA 1993); however, the amount of persulfate was increased to the indicated level, based on initial studies that showed it was required for the complete digestion of PNPP.
The three organic P sources were PNPP, glucose-1-phosphate (G1P) (Catalog No.
The greatest amount of PNPP mineralised before the shift was 35.
We compared the PNPP method (TrACP) previously reported by Lau et al.
4) Nonstandard abbreviations: TrACP, tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase; TrFsACP, tartrate-resistant fluoride-sensitive acid phosphatase; TrFrACP, tartrate-resistant fluoride-resistant acid phosphatase; DCAPP, 2,6-dichloro-4-acetylphenyl phosphate; MPRM, mono-poly resolving medium; and PNPP, p-nitrophenyl phosphate.
3, HEPES 20mM, Triton X-100 1%, Glycerol 10%, EDTA * 2Na (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt) 1 mM, PNPP (p-nitrophenylene phosphate) 2.
For over 20 years, PNPP has been serving Billings and the surrounding communities providing a broad range of visiting nurse services to the elderly, wounded and sick, as well as employment opportunities for licensed healthcare professionals.
Interim take great pride in their employees and community, and this substantial expansion with our combined territories allows us to serve even more of the surrounding areas, providing the people of these communities with the strong, reputable services that both PNPP and Interim are known for," said Brenda Mosher, President of Interim of Wyoming.
one hundred microlitres of cell lysate was added to 325 [micro]l of PNPP substrate.