PNRAProgramma Nazionale di Ricerche in Antartide (Italy)
PNRAPakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority
PNRAParque Nacional Rio Abiseo (Spanish: Abiseo River National Park; Peru)
PNRAPrinceton National Rowing Association (est. 2000; formerly Princeton International Regatta Association; Princeton Junction, NJ)
PNRAProximal Nephrogenic Renal Antigen (glycoprotein)
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In addition, the committee members agreed that professional experience specific to public and railway transportation shall be required of the PNRA Administrator, such as 35 years of age, good moral character, and recognized executive ability and competence in transportation, business administration, management, finance, or law.
Researcher's interaction with PNRA revealed that PNRA was fully cognizant of hospitals/ businesses/industrial noncompliance and also of its inability to do anything about it.
PAEC already has got site license for new nuclear power plants in Karachi from the regulator, PNRA, as well as approval from Sindh EPA, while plant design license is under study which will take about one year.
The PAEC and PNRA are also responsible bodies to manage radioactive material and for safety and security measures of all nuclear facilities in Karachi respectively.
The IAEA has helped Pakistan in setting up a robust Nuclear Regulatory Authority - PNRA - and Pakistan is proud of the fact that it has not had any incident over the years, compared with India which has unfortunately had several serious incidents.
In his address, the Chairman PNRA appreciated the efforts of PAEC for compliance of regulatory requirements which has contributed towards the regulatory decision for issuance of licenses and authorizations.
PNRA regularly hosts IAEA Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) which helps in increasing the effectiveness of the national regulatory infrastructure through technical and policy assessment.
He stated that in Pakistan, safety and environmental regulations are being practiced as per international norms and standards of IAEA and PNRA is working as watchdog of IAEA in Pakistan.
Apart from this, Chairman PNRA also offered operating licence of isotope production plant to the PINSTECH and design certification of B (U) Package for transport of radioactive materials to PAEC Chairman Muhammad Naeem (HI.
A large number of members and senior officials from PAEC, Nescom, KRL, PNRA, PSF, PAS, AIOU and other research and academic institutes were present on the occasion.