PNSSPregnancy Nutrition Surveillance System
PNSSParti National Social Syrien (French: Syrian Social National Party)
PNSSPodstawa Naliczania Stypendium Socjalnego (Polish: Basis for Calculating Social Scholarship; academic scholarships)
PNSSPermanent National Security State
PNSSPlain Normal Saline Solution
PNSSPilot Night Sight System
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El uso de marcadores moleculares como los PNSs puede ayudar a identificar regiones genomicas asociadas a las caracteristicas de la fibra que pueden usarse para seleccionar animales superiores con los cuales se pueda lograr un mejoramiento genetico acelerado y continuo.
En la foto aparecen miembros del PNSS. El Crac fue liberado el 21 de marzo de 2014 y un mes mas tarde se informo sobre el avance del Ejercito en el barrio cristiano de Hamidiyeh en Homs.
that involve matters such as collaboration between SUPARCO and GCU for the development of PNSS's battery unit, power distribution and control unit as well as solar panel unit.
The cohort for the parent, cross-sectional study included 438 Veterans, including those seeking care at three VA PNSs and Veterans from the surrounding communities.
Paraneoplastic neurological syndromes (PNSs) are rare dysfunctions of the nervous system in patients with cancer, which are not due to a local effect of the tumor or its metastases.
Pregnancy Nutrition Surveillance System (PNSS)/Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System (PedNSS)
Patients may describe "prickling," "tingling," "swelling," "asleep-like numbness," or a sensation of "bunched-up socks." Patients with acquired polyneuropathies usually complain of positive neuropathic sensory symptoms (PNSS), whereas patients with inherited polyneuropathies only rarely do (FIGURE).
To coordinate the Police's strategic direction in regard to national security and the threat of terrorism, the Police prepared the 'Police National Security Strategy' (PNSS).
To develop the Pupils' Nature of Science Scale (PNSS), three subscales were constructed on adolescents' views of the nature of science, i.e., the invented and changing nature of science, the role of social negotiation, and the cultural context.
Data from the Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System (PNSS) indicated that anemia continued to decline among toddlers in low-income households during the 1990s (10).
A park neutral safety switch (PNSS) is required to switch on back-up lights, prevent vehicles from being started in gear and prevent the transmission from being shifted from park without the foot brake engaged.