PNSSPregnancy Nutrition Surveillance System
PNSSParti National Social Syrien (French: Syrian Social National Party)
PNSSPodstawa Naliczania Stypendium Socjalnego (Polish: Basis for Calculating Social Scholarship; academic scholarships)
PNSSPermanent National Security State
PNSSPlain Normal Saline Solution
PNSSPilot Night Sight System
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Table 1: Initiatives and Critical Areas of the Six Components of the PNSS National Prevention Eliminating the means or ability of Security persons to attack or pose a threat to New Zealand's national security.
All 5th and 6th graders were asked to complete the PNSS.
Principle component analysis with varimax rotation to reveal the structure of PNSS was used.
Table 1 Rotated Factor Loadings and Cronbach's Alphas for the Three Factors of the PNSS (N = 6,167) Item Factor 1 Factor 2 Factor 3 1 0.
The PNSS housing has to withstand tough assembly procedures, including the attachment of a metal cover which is crimped directly onto the molded part.
The PNSS is part of CDC's public health surveillance effort to increase national and state capacity to quantify preventable risk behaviors during pregnancy, analyze the relationships of nutritional and behavioral status during pregnancy to birth outcomes, and intervene appropriately.
To study the relationship that smoking and other risk factors have to LBW among women attending WIC clinics, the Division of Nutrition analyzed nearly 248,000 records from the PNSS.
The PNSS population used for this analysis was approximately 51% white, 33% black, and 12% Hispanic (Table 1).
The prevalence of smoking is higher among PNSS participants than it is in the general population 6,7).
For women included in the PNSS, the incomplete rise of mean Hb levels (i.
The high prevalence of anemia during the third trimester among women in the PNSS suggests that many low-income women have poor iron nutrition both before and during pregnancy.