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Overall, the genomes belong to the same multilocus sequence type (ST), ST336 (adk 57, gyrB 76, mdh 14, metE 115, pntA 18, purM 1, pyrC 101) (6).
However 11 of the 26 housekeeping genes (glyA, gppA, pntA, icd, purM, plsX, ndh, glgX, adk, carA, and speA) were identical in all toxigenic V.
The following were chosen from the small chromosome: dtdS, the encoding threonine dehydrogenase; lysA, the encoding diaminopimelate decarboxylase; pntA, the encoding transhydrogenase alpha sub-unit; pyrC, the encoding dihydroorotase; and tnaA, the encoding tryptophanase.
Each isolate was therefore designated by a 10-integer number (the allelic profile), which corresponds to the allele numbers at the 10 loci in the following order: glp, gyrB, mdh, metG, purM, dtdS, lysA, pntA, pyrC, and tnaA.