PNTPParku Naukowo Technologicznego Polska (Poland: Science and Technology Park Poland; Suwalki, Poland)
PNTPP-Nitrophenyl-Thymidine 5'-Monophosphate
PNTPProvisional Notice to Proceed
PNTPPercutaneous Nephrostomy Tube Placement
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004) while PNTP was marginally related to increased rejection sensitivity ([beta] = .
We hypothesized that, just as in Study 1, PNTP should positively predict one's RS while PPTP should negatively predict it.
293) while higher PNTP was related to increased RS ([beta] = .
extroversion and emotional stability), we still found that higher PPTP predicted less RS while higher PNTP predicted the opposite.
For example, they assert that by reconstructing negative past events in a positive light, one can eventually change his or her past negative perspective to a past positive one; an adult with a PNTP may recall that "my father was never there for me," a global attribution.