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PNTRPermanent Normal Trade Relations
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The PNTR bill, in a provision that infuriates Moscow, directs Obama to publish the names of Russians allegedly involved in the abuse and death of Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian anti-corruption lawyer who died in a Russian jail in 2009.
Supporters of PNTR for Russia believe these figures will come into closer balance once the new law goes into effect.
They didn't agree with me that China PNTR was wise for this country and wise for Los Angeles.
In truth, beyond merely providing an opportunity to take economic advantage of the world's largest market, the granting of PNTR is a marked departure from the more antagonistic US policies of the past and is a crucial step in establishing sounder relations and spurring democratic change in China.
Passage of PNTR will not cause all of our differences with China to disappear.
Apart from the insipid "Doomed Harvest" -- not the kind of hyperbole I like -- by changing the title of my article, you made it appear that I supported the overall theme of your May 2000 issue, which included an editorial titled "The Case Against China PNTR," as well as several other articles and interviews, including one with Wei Jingsheng, supporting that position.
That a pro-union Democrat with a weak free-trade record like Rangel could support PNTR shows how much the political dynamics over trade have changed in the United States and why passage of the measure was never really in jeopardy.
W&WP: In light of the United States' huge furniture trade deficit with China, how can PNTR help the American furniture industry?
First, PNTR would make Taiwan's goods produced in the mainland more competitive on the American market.
If Congress rejects granting China PNTR status, "it will hurt the forces within China that are trying to open that country to change, and help those determined to oppose change at any cost," he said.
The United States must grant China PNTR if it is to benefit from the lower tariffs, market access and dispute resolution machanisms that spring from China's WTO membership.
Proponents are urging support for legislation that provides China with PNTR status, ending the annual congressional debates on China trade.