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PNTRPermanent Normal Trade Relations
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In other words, there were mixed feelings in relation to the Asian country, which could easily present problems for granting the PNTR status.
The establishment of the PNTR is an important component of the government's trade facilitation strategy.
The PNTR bill, in a provision that infuriates Moscow, directs Obama to publish the names of Russians allegedly involved in the abuse and death of Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian anti-corruption lawyer who died in a Russian jail in 2009.
Supporters of PNTR for Russia believe these figures will come into closer balance once the new law goes into effect.
They didn't agree with me that China PNTR was wise for this country and wise for Los Angeles.
Passage of PNTR will not cause all of our differences with China to disappear.
Apart from the insipid "Doomed Harvest" -- not the kind of hyperbole I like -- by changing the title of my article, you made it appear that I supported the overall theme of your May 2000 issue, which included an editorial titled "The Case Against China PNTR," as well as several other articles and interviews, including one with Wei Jingsheng, supporting that position.
The victory margin would have been even larger if it included a number of Democrats in tough re-election races who were prepared to support PNTR but were given a pass by the White House so they wouldn't unnecessarily antagonize local unions by casting "yes" votes that weren't vital.
But to his opponents, it's a "fig leaf," a dodge, a useful cover for waverers who'd like to vote for PNTR anyway.
has been a proponent of PNTR for China and asked member companies to contact congressmen in support of stronger trade ties with the country.
Countries that currently do not have PNTR status with the U.