PNTSPrefer Not to Say (classification category; UK)
PNTSProgramme National de Télédétection Spatiale
PNTSPartnership for the National Trails System (Madison, WI)
PNTSPeninsula Neonatal Transport Service (UK)
PNTSPilbara Native Title Service (Western Australia)
PNTSParvocellular Nucleus Tractus Solitarius (interneurons)
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CT may also show enlargement of bony neural foramina in cases of PNTS.
In order to validate the Spanish version of the PNTS in the educational context, an examination of the psychometric properties of the scale was carried out.
Hence, aligned with the call for more empirical work on need thwarting, the aim of the current study was to adapt and validate a Spanish version of the PNTS (Bartholomew, Ntoumanis, Ryan et al.
In general terms, the results showed that the Spanish version of PNTS is a valid and reliable instrument for assessing experiences of psychological need thwarting in an educational context.
Further research should also examine the psychometric properties of the PNTS in other contexts, being that the process of scale validation is ongoing and Ryan (1995) has suggested that it is important for researchers to investigate different domains in order to understand how different influences may be operating and influencing the satisfaction or thwarting on innate psychological needs.