PNUTPersonal Neo Urban Transport (Honda concept car)
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"Then, I just ate chocolate and pizza and carried Pnut up and downstairs," he says, laughing.
Hardy and Pnut train together every day with Hardy noting that painful as the preparation for Warrior was, at least it was sensible, as opposed to the "naughty" approach he took to play violent convict Charles Bronson in 2008's Bronson.
NSA pnut clst (No Sugar Added Chocolate Peanut Cluster)
Then an arrow-impaled Pnut lies center stage, encircled by dozens of schoolgirls--women and men identically dressed in white blouses, black skirts, and wigs.
Cloud Serving Benchmark (YCSB) [37] is the evaluation and comparing PNUTS system, a parallel and distributed database system for Yahoo!'s web applications, with other cloud based Database (DB) systems.
The age related increase of miR-34a aggravates apoptotic cell death in the heart with myocardial injury by suppressing PNUTS and DNA damage responses.
Bertie County Peanuts, Windsor, N.C.,, FFS 5003
The NIE module is a module of the Persuasive NUtrion System (PNUTS), a mobile vision-based nutrition management system for smartphone users currently under development at the Utah State University (USU) Computer Science Assistive Technology Laboratory (CSATL) [10, 11, 19].
When some Java developers hear about Groovy, their first reaction often is, as mine was, "Oh, no, not another scripting language for Java." We already have, after all, JavaScript and Rhino, Jython, Jelly, BeanShell, JRuby, Tcl/Java, Sleep, ObjectScript, Pnuts, Judoscript, the Bean Scripting Framework (BSF)--which gives access to Perl, TK/Tcl, and more--and many others.