PNUTSPhosphatase 1 Nuclear Targeting Subunit (protein)
PNUTSPossible Nuclear Underground Test Sight
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The development of PNUTS has been guided by the Fogg Behavior Model (FBM) [23].
When some Java developers hear about Groovy, their first reaction often is, as mine was, "Oh, no, not another scripting language for Java." We already have, after all, JavaScript and Rhino, Jython, Jelly, BeanShell, JRuby, Tcl/Java, Sleep, ObjectScript, Pnuts, Judoscript, the Bean Scripting Framework (BSF)--which gives access to Perl, TK/Tcl, and more--and many others.
PNUTS, a novel direct miR-34a target, reduced telomere shortening, DNA damage responses, and cardiomyocyte apoptosis, thereby improving cardiac function after acute MI.