PNVPartido Nacionalista Vasco (Basque Political Party)
PNVPotential Natural Vegetation
PNVPrenatal Vitamins
PNVPark 'n View (trucker's term for park in view at truckstops)
PNVPayee Name Verification (fraud prevention)
PNVProyecto Nueva Vida (Spanish: Project New Life; HIV/AIDS support)
PNVPotential Network Value
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The election victory of the PNV, which has ruled the region for 26 of the past 32 years, put an end to a brief period of Socialist rule.
The PNV have had close links with the SNP in the past but it is not thought talks on a political union have ever been discussed.
Four brands of PNVs contain omega-3s: CitraNatal[R] (14 nutrients), Duet[R] DHA (17 nutrients), Prenate DHA[R] (10 nutrients), and the PrimaCare[R] line (currently unavailable).
41) The concern is that Basque political parties, notably the PNV, advocating for a sovereign independent Basque region could be more easily legislated as illegal.
percent paved paved two-lane 4% paved one-lane 58% planned 23% not paved 15% SOURCE: PNV Note: Table made from pie chart.
However, in a sign that the rift might be narrowing, a senior PNV member said in a newspaper interview on Sunday that the Basque government might agree to exclude radical pro-independence group Euskal Herritarrok (EH) - widely seen as ETA's political arm - from proposed multi-party talks on the Basque conflict.
Still, the PNV is an establishmentarian party, not really violent.
Now PNV uses these installed networks for Web-based services, among these, public-access Internet kiosks at truck stops and private virtual and data network facilities for fleets.
ETA's interest was in increasing its political activities in order to be a more effective force for change, and the PNV, as the biggest party in the Basque Parliament, also had an obvious interest in ending thirty years of violence.
The Macoven products named in the suit are: Vitaciric-B, ALZ-NAC, PNV DHA, and L-methylfolate Calcium 7.
PNV is an excellent manufacturer in die cutting industry, specialized in manufacturing the critical spare parts of rotary die cutting machines, including rotary cutting dies, embossing / crimping rollers, die-cutting frame assemblies, mill of untreated fluff pulp and special rotary die cutting machines.
PNV Registration is an online and on-site event registration service and PNVWebcasts provides live and on-demand webcasting of events to participants across the country or the globe.